About Us

Have you ever had that "is that all that is" feeling?
Too caught up in the routine of life to discover your own power of impact?
Surrounded by society imposed limitations, you often get the misleading feeling of boredom?

We Feel You!

Aspire4More started from our own strife for growth and expression.

It's a place where we (yes, you too!) get to express who you truly are.

You see we are all very different...

But essentially we're also all the same.

Our dreams and aspirations, our pain and suffering, our desire to be all that we can be, the limited time in which to achieve as much as we possibly can...

We all share that!

Beyond good and evil, the chaos and order of everyday life...

We want to help harness everything you can be through simple, yet powerful ideas and messages.

At Aspire4More, you get to talk more about what everybody thinks.

Because you see... "the truth is you already know what it's like.

You already know the difference between the size and speed of everything that flashes through you and the tiny inadequate bit of it all you can ever let anyone know.

As though inside you is this enormous room full of what seems like everything in the whole universe at one time or another.

And yet the only parts that get out have to somehow squeeze out through one of those tiny keyholes you see under the knob in older doors.

As if we're all trying to see each other through these tiny keyholes.

But it does have a knob, the door can open.

Just not in the way you think...

The truth is you've already heard this.

That this is what it's like.

That it's what makes room for the universes inside you.

All the endless fractals of connection and symphonies of different voices.

The infinities you can never show another soul.

And you think it makes you a fraud, the tiny fraction anyone else ever sees?

Of course you're a fraud!

Of course what people see is never you.

Of course you know this.

And of course you try to manage what part they see if you know it's only a part.

Who wouldn't?

It's called free will, Sherlock.

But at the same time it's why it feels so good to break down and cry in front of others.

Or to laugh, or speak in tongues, or chant in Bengali.

It's not English anymore.

It's not getting squeezed through any hole.

So cry all you want, I won't tell anybody." - David Foster Wallace, Oblivion

Aspire4More is the space where we get to speak about that duality.

It's about the human nature.

About the inside and outside, the high and low, the good and evil, the chaos and order and how they all are one and the same necessary thing.

Simply put ...

We create apparel that says cool shit and talks about stuff that peels the layers off every single one of us.

So together we can at least attempt to counterbalance chaos, evil, stupid.  

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